Peter Davies was contracted by the Aga Khan Education Services on a specialized accountability assignment to develop Quality Assurance and Self Evaluation protocols that would serve 200 schools and Safeguard protocols in boarding hostels. He works from London, and Kenya.

Peter Davies is the author of the paper: ​Brightening the futures of 550 million students worldwide.​​

As a founding member of the Education Partners, a Manhattan based group, Peter Davies works  internationally to bring transformational change to schools.

Self taught 14 year old, National League, Kenya

Quality Standards adoption in Chitral, Pakistan 

​Peter Davies is a CEO, Principal, Professor, Coach, Mentor, Researcher, Leader, Consultant, Appraisal, NISL Coach, PGCSE (i) Advisor

Administrator, Initiator, OECD, Innovator,  Regional Head of Education, Counsellor, Author and Technical Writer 

Over the course of my career, I have worked in different countries including: UK, USA, South Asia, Central Asia, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria

I have a PhD, MA, and Diploma in Education 

I can teach in all levels of education including: University, Adult, Secondary, Primary, SEND

Distracting learners, Gupis,  Gilgit Baltistan!

Inspector Training in Hyderabad India

Learning to think creatively and learning with and through other people

W G P H DAVIES -  International ConsultantS In Education

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Peter Davies